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Upubscience Publisher is building up a repository of articles from books, journals and conferences, workshops and symposia. All articles of these proceedings are submitted for indexing in CNKI, Google Scholar and CrossRef. Furthermore, we can help you to locate high-quality scientific journals interested in publishing extended versions of selected papers.

All our proceedings from major, peer-reviewed scientific conferences are all published following our unique publishing model: the conference sponsors our publishing services in exchange for which Upubscience ensures a professional publication of the Proceedings, including ISBN, DOIs, indexing services and freely accessible articles on its webserver. Thus, all the articles of the proceedings that are published online will be indexed and archived professionally and will be freely available for all.If you also wish to have a printed version of the articles, we can provide high-quality and low-priced printing services as well.

So, if you are organizing a conference and you would like the resulting articles to be available on-line for any interested reader, while ensuring professional archiving, indexing and linking of your articles, please contact us ( Upubscience will be happy to make a proposal for your conference, symposium or workshop.

Upubscience publishes in the following series:

Advances in Computer and Information Technology   

Advances in Manufacturing Science and Mechanical Engineering

Eurasia Journal of Science and Technology 

Conference Proceedings

Lecture Notes in Arts and Humanities

Organizers of conference, symposium or workshop are welcome to publish their proceedings in Upubscience Conference Series. In order to receive a quotation, as well as all the useful information, you are invited to contact, and supply the following information:

a) What is the title, the date and the place of the conference?

b) What is the URL of the conference?

c) How many participants attended (or will attend) to the conference?

d) How many articles do you want to publish? How many pages?

e) Do you need printed copies of the proceedings?

f) What is the language of the articles?

g) What are the main topics of the articles?

h) Who are the organizer(s) of the conference?

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